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Red Hills Wine Direct

About our program

Red Hills Wine Direct is a service being offered by Red Hills Cellars to assist Oregon wineries wishing to legally ship their wine directly to consumers in other states for their own personal consumption.  It gives you the access, security and flexibility to grow your business to an even greater potential while controlling your costs.  It is specifically designed to be a cost-effective option to fulfill your orders with simple, easy to understand pricing.  


What we have to offer


Red Hills Wine Direct provides participants a simple pricing structure with no hidden or variable costs. 


Red Hills Wine Direct provides participants with access to legally ship into program states without the expense of licensing fees, state report generation and submission.

  • All permits for the program will be obtained & maintained by the Program.

  • All tax & shipping reports will be processed and filed by the Program.

  • All taxes will be paid by the Program and invoiced to you at cost.

  • All label registrations, brand registrations, letter submissions or any other requirements for your orders will be handled by the Program and invoiced to you at cost.

Red Hills Wine Direct provides participants with the security of knowing your orders are being shipped in a compliant state. 

  • All orders will be run through the program’s Ship Compliant Account to ensure that orders are compliant with the receiving States' requirements prior to being fulfilled. 


Red Hills Wine Direct provides participants with the flexibility of being able to fulfill orders at any one of the Participating Fulfillment Locations as well as in-house.

  • Participating Fulfillment Locations have agreed to follow guidelines to ensure that your orders are properly processed, shipped and reported.

  • The Program will generate shipping labels, bill your FedEx account third party and send your labels to you for your in-house fulfillment orders so that you keep your discounted rates.


Red Hills Wine Direct provides participants with a program that is professionally designed and managed. 


Who may participate?


Wineries wishing to participate need to sign up by entering into a service agreement, provide a list of the products that will be shipped, designate a Participating Fulfillment Location and agree to follow the program guidelines.  Note:  If you choose to self-fulfill, you will need to obtain a FedEx Account.  If you do not currently have an account, we are happy to assist with that.



1.   California

2.   Connecticut

3.   Florida​​ (Offered due to tax reporting requirements)

4.   Hawaii (All Counties)

5.   Idaho

6.   Illinois

7.   Indiana

8.   Louisiana

9.   Massachusetts

10. Montana

11. Nebraska

12. Nevada

13. New Mexico

14. North Carolina

15. North Dakota

16. Oklahoma

17. South Carolina

18. Virginia

19. Wisconsin

20. Wyoming

**The Red Hills Wine Direct program does not offer states that prohibit shipping wine that was not produced by the license holder.

States that prohibit shipping wine not produced by the license holder:  Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, Vermont and Washington.  

States that prohibit Direct to Consumer Shipping:  Arkansas, Delaware, Kentucky, Mississippi, Rhode Island & Utah.

***Please be aware that this list may change frequently due to the constantly changing State DtC laws.  Rest assured that we are constantly reviewing state requirements.  Due to lack of interest, New Hampshire and West Virginia have been dropped from the program. 

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