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2019 Red Hills Cellars Rogue Valley Grenache Rosè

2019 Red Hills Cellars Rogue Valley Grenache Rosè


This is our first Rogue Valley wine, and we could not be more thrilled with the results. Darker than many Roses, this wine is over the top with strawberry and subtle hints of pear, while not being overly sweet and holding a nice balance of acidity. It will remind you of biting into a freshly picked strawberry that has been warmed by the sun. This wine is very approachable and pairs well with lighter barbecue, grilled tri-tip with chimichurri, or just chilling on the patio. A very fun wine to drink.


Fruit:                        100% 2Hawk Vineyard

Elevation:               1800 Feet

Soil:                           Loamy Clay

Brix at Harvest:    22.0

PH:                            3.25

Acidity:                    8.6 g/I TA

Production:           175 cases

Harvest date:       October 12-14, 2019

Fermentation:     100% Stainless Steel

Clones:                   03 Grenache


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